Customized Aluminium Pallet – STANDARD 120×80

Looking for a pallet with customization out of the ordinary?…You’re in the right place!

Our aluminium pallets can be customized simply by adding some accessories to a standard pallet in order to meet your needs and requirements.

  • Assembly of a aluminium sheet to have a flat surface, this aluminium sheet can be smooth or embossed in case of non-slip needs. The aluminium sheet is often used to distribute the load of high weight goods concentrated in a single point.
  • Assembly corners to allow stacking of pallets to avoid unwanted falls.
  • Assembly of marking supports or RFID systems to simplify traceability and to adapt pallets to automatic warehouses and to automatic tracking systems.
  • Assembly of wheels to make the pallet a trolley.

Made in Italy

Our aluminium pallets are manufactured entirely in our factories, in Italy, with certified quality aluminium. All production steps are followed by our specialists in order to guarantee a pallet with zero defects.

Aluminium Pallet: STANDARD 120×80

customization (as you need):

  • Extra sheet: smooth or embossed
  • Corners (to be stackable)
  • Marking supports
  • RFID supports
  • Wheels (pallet-trolley)

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