Aluminium Pallet 120×80 EUR SEMISLIDES

Looking for a pallet forkliftable with pallet truck out of the ordinary?…You’re in the right place!

Our aluminium pallets  with semislides, robust and lightweight, can be used easily for most distribution and transport systems in Europe. Having 4 semislides instead of 2 slides, they can be easily forked on all sides with pallet trucks, reducing costs, facilitating handling, they increase operational efficiency. Thanks to its four-way design, it is compatible with all standard equipment.

Made in Italy

Our aluminium pallets are manufactured entirely in our factories, in Italy, with certified quality aluminium. All production steps are followed by our specialists in order to guarantee a pallet with zero defects.

IMPORTANT: our pallets are completely customizable – we can make the pallet exactly as you need with regard to design, size, dimensions, color and custom marking.

Semislides pallets are available also in the other standard sizes, furthermore we produce also a semislides pallet with 6 semislides to have a higher load capacity.

Semislides pallet has 4 small slides instead of 2 big slides, which makes it agile for trans pallets.

Aluminium Pallet EUR 120 × 80 “SEMISLITTE” (semislides) – product specification

  • Dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 150 mm
  • Height: 150 mm
  • Unfoldable on 4 sides
  • Payload area: 0.960m²
  • Static load: 1200 kg
  • Dynamic load: 1500 kg
  • Completely sealed welding

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