Wire Mesh BASKET Pallet (“CESTONE”)

Looking for a pallet out of the ordinary with the option of becoming a stackable BASKET?…You’re in the right place!

Our aluminium pallets are robust, lightweight and superimposable, they can be used easily for most distribution and transportation systems.

A BASKET (“CESTONE”) or a CAGE basically is the addition of a steel wire basket on a pallet to have a versatile basket. Their best feature is that pallets can also be stacked with fragile goods, saving cubic meters in transportation, because it’s BASKET (“CESTONE”) that supports the upper pallets and not the goods.

An infinite number of CESTONE pallets (Wire Mesh Basket / Cage Pallets) can be stacked, it’s the space where they are to define the limit. Furthermore they are resealable to save space in empty transport. Finally adding wheels to the pallet you can have large removable and movable baskets.

Thanks to its four-way design, it is compatible with all standard equipment.

Made in Italy

Our aluminium pallets are manufactured entirely in our factories, in Italy, with certified quality aluminium. All production steps are followed by our specialists in order to guarantee a pallet with zero defects.

IMPORTANT: our Wire Mesh Basket Pallets are completely customizable – we can make the pallet exactly as you need with regard to design, size, dimensions, color and custom marking.

Our Wire Mesh Cage Pallet is available also in the other standard sizes, furthermore we produce it with 3 slides to have a higher load capacity.

  • Dimensions: 1200 mm x 800 mm x 200 – 1150 mm
  • Height: 200 mm chiuso – 1150 mm aperto
  • Unfoldable on 4 sides
  • Payload area: 0.960m²
  • Pallet load on the ground: Static load 1200 kg – Dynamic load 1500 kg
  • Stacked CESTONE load: 1000 kg
  • Completely sealed welding

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