FAO International Standard

About standard FAO ISPM15

ISPM 15International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15, regulates the import of wooden packaging (wooden pallets, container boxes, items, wooden covers and lids, etc.).

These standards were introduced to control the problem of the possible introduction and diffusion of harmful agents through packaging materials made of unprocessed raw wood.

According to FAO, these organisms represent a significant threat to living trees.

Choose ALUMINUM PALLETS – be immediately compliant with FAO / ISMP 15!

Aluminium Pallets – perfect for international shipment

Pallets and export-import procedures

ALUMINIUM PALLETS  have simple export / import procedures, as they’re ISPM15 pallets, fireproof and fully compliant with all international standards, they allow you to avoid customs problems in order to guarantee fast delivery times and conditions.

That’s why ALUMINUM PALLETS made by TE.SER  represent a valid alternative to wooden and plastic pallets, without having to chase heat or other treatments (including the Fumigation Treatment with the use of methyl bromide (MB ) has been banned in the EU since March 2010).

Aluminum Pallets and IPPC / FAO marking

IPPC – International Plant Protection Convention

The IPPC / FAO marking identifies that the packaging has undergone a treatment (for example wooden pallets). Aluminum pallets are pest-free, insect-free, must not to be subjected to any special treatment and therefore do not have to be marked, as they are simply compliant with all international standards.

Aluminum pallets are perfect for all international and national shipments.

9 reasons to choose PALLET for EXPORT

  1. IPPC / FAO & ISPM 15 compliant
  2. NO extra treatment costs
  3. NO mandatory marking
  4. NO customs problems
  5. Export-import fast shipments
  6. Resistant and durable
  7. Ecological and recyclable
  8. Plastic free
  9. Safe and hygienic

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