While traditional pallets (e.g. plastic pallets) have been widely used in manufacturing and distribution facilities in the past, many companies are discovering the advantages of pallets constructed from alternative materials, including aluminium.

An aluminium pallet offers a lightweight material handling solution that can withstand the rigors of heavy use. Most companies that make the switch to aluminium pallets discover that aluminium pallets offer an excellent long-term return on their investment, which has a positive impact on their bottom line.

ALUMINIUM PALLETS – extraordinary features: resistant, hygienic, durable

Aluminium pallets have extraordinary resistance and durability features, they can be used for demanding uses, in closed or internal movement circuits, for slave pallet in automated warehouses, roller conveyors and furthermore as passive fire protection.

Thanks to the excellent resistance to high and low temperatures of aluminium, aluminium pallets are used as passive fire protection, they decrease the fire load.

ALUMINIUM – an exceptional material: an ecological and hygienic choice


Regarding washing and durability of pallets, aluminium is a natural material; it is used to produce high quality cookware (which is washed daily in the dishwasher). It’s very lightweight, manageable and resistant to impacts, thermal shock, abrasions, corrosion.

It doesn’t require any maintenance and it’s an ecological material, 100% recyclable, absolutely hygienic and suitable for contact with food.