Te.ser was founded as a metalworking and window frame production company, in the early 70s by Ottorino Tevini in Pompiano (BS).

Over the years the company has evolved and in addition to its historical headquarters, a new production unit is opened in Orzivecchi (BS) with  new offices, a large showroom and production facilities.

We have invested in cutting-edge technologies and innovative production facilities that allow us to maintain high standards in compliance with European standards. We are particularly sensitive to eco-sustainability: our aluminum products are 100% recyclable and non-toxic.


Aluminium Pallets’ Advantages

Aluminium Pallets are recommended and used in your industry in order to maintain high hygienic standards  during production, packaging, transport, storage and to ensure quality and integrity of final products and as a passive fire protection.

Te.ser already supplies aluminum pallets to some of the world’s largest producers in various industries, with high hygienic-sensitive standards.